Who am I?

My name is Karen. I am born and raised in Hong Kong. What kind of person am I? I will use this word - ACE: Adventurous, Cheerful and Energetic.

Seriously, I don't really have a lot of hobbies in my life. I'm not an artistic nor a sporty person. I can't draw, sing or dance. I'm bad at any kind of sports. The only thing I found it's interesting and I LOVE is TRAVELLING. TRAVELLING IS MY LIFE.

What does travelling mean to me?

What are you looking for when you travel? All the gorgeous landscapes and architectures? Or the indigenous food and the special souvenirs? For me, the most important thing I'm seeking in any single journey is, THE PEOPLE I MET and THE MOMENTS I SHARED WITH THEM.

What am I writing here?

Here, I want to share all the trips I've been done before with all of you. For those who are reading this blog, maybe we can never ever have the chance to meet each other face to face. But I LOVE sharing my stories with everyone - I want to use this blog to connect with as many people in this amazing world as possible!:)

And I would also like to give you some tips for traveling. I hope I can give you some sorts of inspirations:)